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For Better Flowers - A Better Florist

Now now... I am thrilled to introduce the best florist in Singapore -  an awesome flower shop that has the most beautiful flowers at your disposal. I went shopping for birthday flowers for my best friend when I first stepped into their flower shop, and I was so impressed I had to check them online.

I love that they cater to the online shoppers, who prefer staying home and ordering from their computers. You can find a lot in their flower shop, starting from beautiful hand bouquets, grand opening flowers Singapore gets for special celebrations and openings, rich flower arrangements, funeral flowers Singapore needs for times of grief and sorrow. There are all types of different flowers, from roses, sunflowers, carnations, poinsettias, I mean everything possible you can think of. If you want to grab a grand opening flower stand you can do it immediately, but if you’re not there for the blooms, oh, you’ll find something for yourself too.

[ WAT USA ] SMILING IN USA EP.3 : Walk with us to Washington D.C.

Hello everyone! 

First of all, lets all put aside how long I have abandoned this blog and focus on the present *hides* : 
So... I am finally blogging again because it was our travel trip 1 year anniversary! :D 
Not really relevant but I presume that's okay heh. 

Our first destination for the USA travel trip was Washington D.C!
Because of the very same reason, we were all very excited and energetic throughout the journey! ヽ(^o^)丿Hence, it's worth posting here even after 378438141 days. Self-reassurance matters lol.


Hello people!

I'm here to officially announce that I'm back in M'sia for good  ∩(ω)∩
Well I said so since many humans popped the same question when they see me: 'Eh you came back already ah?'. To be honest, I was back since a few months ago *hides* 

The truth is, life has been way too good for me back then. Been constantly travelling around, without any significant commitments. Livin' the life, I would say. And I loved it.



Obviously I am still trying hard to maintain my blog, after a million years. Hashtag never give up HAHA.
Well I will leave my thoughts about that on an upcoming post, so here's one on Discovery Cove, people!

Proudly presenting :

But first and foremost, for those who have no idea what Discovery Cove is all about, 
which I presume it'll be the most of you who are reading right now ahaha! 
Here's a little piece of information about DC:

[ WAT USA ] Smiling in USA EP.1 : A little of everything!

YO YO YO WHATS UP EVERYBODY! *virtually blows all the dust away tsk tsk* 

I KNOW. I have not been blogging for almost half a year already (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  *flips table* 
I am not even qualified as a blogger anymore. But trust me when I say I tried. I really did .__. 
Anyway I'm finally back from the States! No more excuses this time, I hope. 

Starting off with a new header which perfectly matches! Been designing my blog with illustrated snowflakes, animated snow all these years and finally I could use my very own picture! *tears of joy* 
I spent hours dealing with this so bare with me seeking for some credits here heh :D